Since Bipolar Express..

Hey guys! My first book that I ever wrote, Bipolar Express, is starting to really take off on Audible and Amazon and I just wanted to have this blog to hopefully catch some of the people who are reading it so I can get some feedback.  BP Express is basically my life story from 1983 to 2014 when I was hospitalized for major anxiety and where I began to realize that I was bipolar.

Like I’m assuming a lot of people, I started to really question in a real way my mental health the day that Robin Williams took his own life.  I always knew that my subconscious basically ran like Robin Williams did on a late night talk show.  It was non stop one liners and jokes which were usually funny and kept me up.

Unfortunately, in the summer of 2014, that all took a dark turn and my mind started focusing on all the bad things in my life.  Friends from work could tell a drastic difference and I, of course, didn’t listen.  I ran away from my life and a girlfriend that was leaving anyway and ended up on my brother’s couch in Columbia, South Carolina.

I got worse there and it forced me to Carrollton Springs in the Dallas, Texas area.  From there, I got help and started to try and make sense of my diagnosis as Bipolar One.  As I began to digest the last year or so I began to write a blog, much like this one, and it morphed into what Bipolar Express became.

Since then I’ve written four other fictional books of varying length and quality but I’m in the process of heading back into nonfiction and delving into my present battle with depression.  Almost three weeks ago, I found myself in the hospital with suicidal thoughts and feeling right back where I was four years ago.

If anyone finds this that has read Bipolar Express or any of my other books, please contact me on Facebook at Gabriel Cougar Burt.  I would love to hear what my story has meant to you and would also love to hear your story as well!

If my life can mean one thing, I would like to lead the way in bringing mental health issues out of the darkness and into the light because problems seem so much smaller when you bring them into the light of day.  Even just recently with my suicidal thoughts, they went away as soon as I acknowledged that I was having a problem and faced them instead of letting them fester in the back of my head.

The new book is a very slow process but I’ll be glad to get it out there.  Thanks for all the support from my friends and family.  Couldn’t make it without yall!

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