To My First Reader

As I amazingly near 500 people buying my books and audio books, I want to take a second to thank my original reader.  Michael McDonald, an engineer of dreams, was always the person I shared my writing with.  The first book I wrote was with him and it was a smear book about a substitute teacher we enjoyed mocking.  We were no more than eight years old.  Poor Ms. Carter…

After that, starting I think freshman year of high school, I would email Michael my stories.  The original was called “Posse Out” and was about our times in middle school.  These were the happiest times of my life.  I had moved away and missed all my friends there.

I continued to send stories throughout college.  This was especially true when I took a creative writing class at Texas Tech.  Michael has always been my sounding board and biggest fan.

When I got mentally ill and had to go to the mental hospital, Michael and his awesome wife, Allison, sent me a care package and it meant the world to me.  While I was in there, I got the courage to start sharing my writing with other people.  That started with an ultra honest Facebook post apologizing for my behavior.  I got such a warm reception to that honesty that I decided to continue and I haven’t stopped since.

Now I have 5 books available on Amazon and Audible and am working on a sixth.  My life has definitely had its ups and downs but I feel like I am right where I’m supposed to be and exactly who I am supposed to be.  I owe this entirely to friends like Michael who have always allowed and supported me to be myself.  I am fortunate that the majority of my friends are that way.

Lets all lift our glasses to the sky for friends like Michael McDonald!

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