You Get a Book! You Get a Book! Everybody Gets a Book!

Hey everyone! Happy Prime Day today and tomorrow! Being that I owe paying off my car and credit card to the wonder that is the Amazon company, I’ve decided to celebrate this week as well! Starting tomorrow, all of my Kindle books(except for Zach Dill for reasons unknown to me) will be FREE.

Also, if you are interested in hearing one of my audiobooks, please message me below for the information to do so without having to pay. This promotion will end at midnight on Friday the 19th. All I ask of you, if you do grab one of my Kindle or Audible books please leave a review. I’m telling you, those reviews make or break writers!

I’m doing this mostly because I really appreciate all of you that have supported me through the years, both with my writing and simply living. I really do feel truly blessed to have the people that are in my life. That being said, here are the links and short summaries for my Kindle Books. Remember if you are interested in an audiobook, simply leave a message on this post and I will get you the information. Thanks to all of you!

Bipolar Express 1

Available on Kindle and Audio

Bipolar Express 1 is basically my life story and about me coming to terms with my diagnosis as Bipolar 1. I try to keep it light but also real when it comes to the issues I faced.

Kindle Link:

Bipolar Express 2

Available on Kindle and Audio

Bipolar Express 2 is more focused on my time spent in the mental hospital and serves more as a “what you can expect” kind of book. It also features an update on my life and where I’ve gone since the first book.

Kindle Link:

Just South of the Gates

Available on Kindle and Audio

This one is probably my favorite story that I’ve written so far. It is about a boy and a girl that grow up together and time tries to split apart. It basically reads like a Nicholas. Sparks novel, that was my attempt at least. It’s based on a patient I had when I was in nursing school who had ALS and I just couldn’t help but imagine all the pain and anguish he went through.

Kindle Link:

Malachi PI

Available on Kindle and Audio

I wrote the first version of Malachi PI while I was in college and tried to grow the story years later. It starts in an Amish community with a teenage boy named Malachi who sneaks out with his friend Methuselah (Meth for short) to meet girls and watch the television show Magnum PI. This is also one of my favorites and while its odd I think it has a lot of heart too. If I’m ever blessed to be a father, I want to be like the father in this book.

Kindle Link:

Battle of the Sexes: Of Mice and Menses

Available on Kindle

Oh man, B of the S was the first book I ever published and it basically a fever dream of nonsense. I can best imagine it as an adult cartoon episode you’d find on TV at 3 in the morning. I haven’t done the audiobook yet because I’m not sure what I’m looking for. It is different than my other books in that it is written in first person. Basically the world ends because Facebook and all social media make women worldwide sync up their periods (I know). The world goes to shambles quickly and our only hope is a guy named Austin that accounts for the story via his Facebook timeline. Haha give it a chance!

Kindle Link:

Zach Dill and the Endless Summer

Available on Kindle (Not Free) and Audio (FREE)

For some reason, Amazon wont let me give this one away. Zach Dill is based on my friend and superhero Zach Gill. In the story he’s a ten year old boy that lives on Ocean Drive with all his friends. I grew up reading and loving Beverly Cleary books and I tried to emulate it here.

Kindle Link:

That’s it for now, remember if you’re interested in the audiobooks just tell me the titles and I will private message you the links and info. Remember All of this is for free and is out of appreciation for your support!

Finally, I thought I’d give you a hint of what I’ve been working on. It’s my first attempt at a horror story. It’s called Korova: No Good Deed. Below is the opening of the story, I hope you enjoy!

The feeling came back to his feet first. A sense of dread slowly worked its way up his body but his brain was still deadened. He started to move his right foot but couldn’t budge the other. The pain was excruciating.

After a few minutes, he was able to tear open his eyes. The surroundings were blurry at best and the air was extremely dry. In the corner he made out an old desk lamp with a flickering light but could see little else.

As the man’s eyes grew accustomed to the quivering light of the lamp, he saw what looked like a doctor with his back turned towards him. The figure had short strawberry blond hair and a pudgy build. The threads of the doctor’s clothes were dark and ragged.

After a few minutes that moved through his brain like molasses, the figure turned around and headed towards the door. The man instinctively tried to scream out for help but he couldn’t seem to get the message out of his gut. His vocal chords felt paralyzed.

He started trying to shake in the hospital bed the way one does when trying to wake up from a nightmare but felt unsuccessful. He tried to reach up his hands to motion at the doctor but realized his arms were restricted. He looked down to see that both of his hands were tied to the bed rails.

All of a sudden, he felt a presence standing over him. He looked up, startled, to see the doctor peering into his soul. He had a jagged smile and piercing amphibious eyes. He was gathering a bag full of blood from over his patient’s head and replacing it with an empty one.

As if the doctor could sense his growing terror, he looked back into the man’s eyes and moved inches away from his face. The patient could finally see himself in the reflection of the doctor’s thick glasses. His face was covered in blood and a large wound covered his forehead. He looked down and realized why he was unable to talk earlier. His mouth was sewn shut.

He began to scream and jerk around which only made the doctor smile. He reached deep into his pocket and pulled out a syringe full of a red liquid and jabbed it into the man’s chest. As the world turned black, he swore he heard the doctor whisper, “Grata domum.”

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